Color, 1976, 80m.
Directed by Walter Boos
Starring Eva Berthold, Alexanra Bogojevic, Astrid Boner, Reiner Bronneke, Marianne Dupont
Impulse Pictures (US R0 NTSC), Kinowelt (Germany R2 PAL) / WS (1.66:1) (16:9)

Schoolgirl Report 10

Just when you thought you had the whole Schoolgirl Report formula figured out by the ninth entry, along Schoolgirl Report 10comes this one to throw everything up in the air and leave you gobsmacked by the end credits. Sure, we have the whole anthology format again here with a framing device setting up a string of sexy encounters (think Amicus horror with lots of breasts), but one story here is so completely out of left field it'll be far more appreciated by horror fans than the raincoat crowd.

This time our tawdry tales are tied together by a classroom of young girls talking to their teacher about the relationship between the law and morality. Does one dictate the other, and where do you draw the line? And should the government involve itself in what goes on in citizens' bedrooms? Not surprisingly, almost all of the girls want less interference, and their stories offer different takes on how questionable behavior might not always be a punishable offence. First up we have a hapless instructor named Hansel who's being brought up on charges of sexual assault by one of his students, Susanne, who's supposedly 17 but looks like she sped past 30 a while ago. According to her, an English tutoring lesson at home went awry when he plied her with two bottles of liquor and tore off her clothes, leaving her to stumble home violated and drunk to her mom. Hansel professes his innocence, and when another witness comes out of the woodwork, the truth turns out to be... well, pretty much the exact same reveal in every previous movie in the series. Schoolgirl Report 10In other words, all adolescent girls really just want to get in the pants of any middle-aged guy in sight; say what you will, the filmmakers certainly know their target audience.

Then we have Inga, an icy blonde who refers to herself as "a flower that doesn't want to be touched." That doesn't extend to her own fingers, however, as she can't keep her hands off herself even while watching TV with her mom and brother. She winds up trying to lose her virginity to Schoolgirl Report 10Max, a guy who's just returned from two years in the military, but he doesn't want to be her first time. From there it's one disappointment after another with guys both clumsy and experienced as she looks for the path to carnal happiness. Story three features Kathy, a manipulative sophomore who teases an older boy named Frank at a pool party but gets pouty when he admires her stepmother (wearing a decidedly non-sexy giant pink bathing cap). Kathy offers herself to Frank on one condition: first he has to "Screw my stepmother." Naturally it's all a big set up since Kathy's creepily possessive of her dad, but the plan naturally winds up exploding in her face.

Now we get to the main reason to see this film, the fourth story and easily the bizarre, jolting episode to date in the entire series. Young, pigtailed Sefie can't seem to find a way to get it on with her boyfriend Karli anywhere. Her mother watches her schedule like a hawk, and they can't afford a hotel room. The young couple takes a cue from The Exorcist and devise the Schoolgirl Report 10perfect solution: she'll pretend to be possessed by Satan! She starts off simple by crossing her eyes, grimacing, and yelling lewd offers to her neighbors, but that's clearly not enough. When she gets home, Sefie flips out in front of her mother by yelling "This pussy belongs to me, and it's burning!" Then she tears off her underwear, lunges around the house, pelts her family with produce, and pees all over the floor. Naturally they have to call in the new exorcist in town, Horace, who's really Karli in disguise, setting the stage for a demonic purge that will give the lovers enough time for Sefie to hop on "the devil's horn" right under her family's noses. Not surprisingly, the fifth and last story can't hope to compare; it's a minor vignette about a girl named Iris who's being kept by an older married man and desperate to get her life in order. Schoolgirl Report 10

For some reason this film has never really gotten the word of mouth it should, perhaps because it's been hidden under innocuous titles like Sexy Schoolwork (the one used for the Impulse DVD's source print) and Smartie Pants. The whole possession story is a real show stopper and utterly unlike anything in the rest of the film, offering a good 20 minutes or so of weird, rollicking insanity. Director Walter Boos returns from the previous film and offers a similar approach here, dolloping out enough female nudity at regular intervals to keep viewers awake without going to the more taboo-pushing extremes found in the some of the early entries. If you've been following the series so far, this one's partially more of the same and a typical entry 75% of the time, but watch out for the rest of it!

As for the bare bones disc itself, it's the same routine as usual: anamorphic 1.66:1 transfer with opening credits in rougher condition than the main feature. Colors are kind of on the dullish side, which is typical for these releases, but it's all perfectly watchable and definitely much better than the edited VHS versions floating around. The original German audio is the one language option with optional English subtitles, many of them even more quotable than usual.

Reviewed on August 17, 2013.