Color, 2021
AGFA/ Something Weird (Blu-ray) (US R0 HD)

For a while AGFA has been teaming up with Vinegar Syndrome and/or Smut Without Smut: Satanic Horror NiteSomething Weird for a Smut Without Smut: Satanic Horror Nitespecialty programming idea called "Smut Without Smut," which made its way to its first Blu-ray in early 2021 with a pairing of Things to Come and The Dirty Dolls, two extremely rare softcore films presented both with and without their sex scenes -- sort of the cinematic equivalent of Garfield Minus Garfield, accentuating the singular quirkiness of these films once the grinding bare bodies are minimized. The mission statement for the series is as follows: "Beneath the dumpsters of America, a netherworld of 'adults only' genre movies lurks in the gutters. But what if these movies were less about the smut and more about everything else? 'Smut Without Smut' is X-rated genre movies with the X-rated bits removed. In other words, your perception of reality will never be the same." That brings us to the second installment, Smut Without Smut: Satanic Horror Nite (presented with Something Weird, a la volume one) which actually Smut Without Smut: Satanic Horror Nitefits that manifesto a lot more accurately Smut Without Smut: Satanic Horror Nitesince it actually is culled from previously hardcore material and, instead of presented as two chopped-up movies that weren't XXX in the first place, runs as one long movie mix tape assembled from multiple sources. You also get three of the most essential entries in their original full-strength versions as well, so basically you get the best of both worlds here.

Clocking in at 75m28s, the main program starts with an assortment of drive-in and devilish odds and ends including concession stand ads and trailers for Count Erotica - Vampire and Fanny Hill Meets the Horny Witch. Then we launch into a horror-only edit of the hardcore storefront film Hotter Than Hell, which was previously seen in its XXX form on Vinegar Syndrome's All Night at the Bizarre Art Theatre. Now it's basically a parade of guys in furry devil outfits romping around with some women in an apartment, resulting in a disorienting experience that feels like a cheap sitcom where the cast occasionally flash their genitalia. For what it's worth, despite the "without smut" part of the title, this Smut Without Smut: Satanic Horror Niteand the remaining segments still Smut Without Smut: Satanic Horror Nitehave more than enough nudity left to earn a soft X rating. Then you get a condensed version of Sacrilege, with early skin flick vet Gerard Broulard lured into a sex cult where people get whacked on the back with wheat and a woman cackles over them wearing nothing but a black cape. Sexual Awareness is another quickie with some tarot-loving pagans performing sex acts on an altar and passing out calling cards advertising the titular business. Not much here before the abrupt ending, but it would be interesting to see how this played with all the fornicating intact.

Following an intermission with more concession ads we get to Satan's Lust, another early effort with familiar faces like Ron Darby, George "Buck" Flower, and Judy Angel, the latter being perscuted by a cult in red satin robes and nothing else. Probably the most familiar title here is 1977's The Devil Inside Her, a pretty good sex-horror porno set in 1876 New England where a farming family gets in deep trouble after one of the daughters offers her soul to Satan to get the man she wants. Zebedy Colt, Annie Sprinkle, and Terri Hall are among the big stars here, and it's in better condition than we've seen before (especially compared to the old, borderline unwatchable Alpha Blue Archives DVD). This Smut Without Smut: Satanic Horror Niteone's still pretty wild stuff, with Smut Without Smut: Satanic Horror NiteHall in particular getting to strut her stuff in crazy demonic makeup during the red-lit finale in hell.

Obviously the quality here is dependent on the varying 16mm print sources with the usual scuffs and scratches popping up, but that's all part of the rough-hewn charm here. On top of that you get three of the films in their original full-strength entirety: Sacrilege (55m58s), with obvious stunt performers for all the explicit shots; The Devil Insider Her (65m44s), with all of its water sports and fruit and veggie abuse intact; and Satan's Lust (67m8s), the longest of the bunch and looking better here than the dupey VHS scans we've had around for years.

Reviewed on November 25, 2021.