Color, 1982, 80m.
Directed by Fred J. Lincoln
Starring Anna Ventura, Lisa De Leeuw, Sharon Kane, Tiffany Clark, Paul Thomas, Michael Morrison, Joey Silvera
Impulse Pictures (DVD) (US R0 /NTSC) / WS (1.85:1) (16:9)

Oui, Girls

You know you're in for a good time when a movie features an opening credit for Joey Silvera as "The Pervert" Oui, Girlsand a warbling theme song that howls, "Oui, girls! Watch out boys, here they come! They want you!" Yep, it's another star-studded vintage offering from late director Fred J. Lincoln, the drive-in immortal who played Weasel in Last House on the Left and made a career out of directing adult films after starring in a handful himself.

Part comedy, a sliver of a crime yarn, and mostly sex (with a dozen couplings crammed into 80 minutes), here's the story of Barbara (The Devil in Miss Jones Part II's Ventura), who spends her days driving around the California hills with her boyfriend, Nick (Thomas). Lots of other oddball characters are in the vicinity, too, like snippy redhead Lisa De Leeuw whose attempts to change a tire are stymied by random weirdo Joey Silvera. She goes home to complain to her old man, Buck (Morrison), who responds exactly how you'd expect, and then there's Francine (Kane), who goes around initiating new couples into the local swingers' scene by talking about how sensual she and her husband Jack are. As it turns out, there's a whole swinging ranch operation going on here with something darker under the surface, and it's up to Barbara and Nick to go undercover and work their way through the members' list to get to the bottom of it.

Aside from cashing in on the semi-popularity of upscale skin magazine Oui, there's nothing French whatsoever about this film; Oui, Girlsit's pure SoCal all the way with a roster of familiar faces doing what they do best. As usual De Leeuw and Thomas prove to be the most valuable players with their scene together here, but Ventura makes for a good leading starlet and has a winning girl Oui, Girlsnext door personality that holds the entire film together. The '80s pop culture is almost as much fun as the main attraction here, with Kane's short new wave 'do worthy of a separate screen credit by itself. Lincoln doesn't really impose any kind of directorial style here and lets the camera just do its business, which is fine, and he barely seems interested in maintaining a story that gets distracted from itself every five minutes. In other words, it's good, dirty fun.

A home video perennial since the VHS days courtesy of Caballero, Oui, Girls debuted on DVD as part of After Hours' Pro Ball Cheerleaders Grindhouse Triple Feature. That print was no great shakes, and while far from perfect, the standalone, feature only 2013 Impulse Pictures version marks something of an upgrade thanks to a new widescreen transfer with better colors. There's still a fairly hefty amount of print damage at times, but for many that might enhance the disreputable porn theater vibe. The mono audio sounds fine and delivers that warbling theme song about as well as possible.

Reviewed on November 11, 2013.